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Rotcast Ep. 7: The Clowns

Before any of you write in to tell me that Studio 360 is copying my work, let me say, that: “No.” I feel that it’s only coincidence. I’ve checked the posting dates for my Episode 7: The Clowns, and Studio 360 American Icons: “I Love Lucy” and my show was first! NPR originally aired their Lucy show on October 8, 2010 and I posted my show on May 17, 2010.

Now that I have started a radio show, I realize the work that goes into research and preparation. Although Studio 360 has way more resources that I, they do have some disadvantage. They have to secure rights and releases. They have to arrange interviews. They may have actually started organizing their show much earlier than mine. I’m just posting here to explain that I did not copy them. Great minds think alike I guess.

I am obviously an NPR listener. I had a segment for a time called Dead Air, which is like a parity of the Fresh Air program on NPR. My Dead Air show in Episode 7 is a contrived interview with the ghost of Lucille Ball. For that show I used interviews taken from Youtub-ed interviews of Lucy’s, appearance on the Merv Griffin Show. But, I also used a biography of Lucille Ball to frame many of my interview questions and to retell her some of her remarkable life.

To be honest, I have (in rotcast:Show Bee) re-used audio from a Studio 360 episode where the host interviewed Bobby McFerrin. So if by chance the NPR shows are listening to Rotcast and copying me…well, that has to be turn-about as fair play.