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Rotcast #19: Poe

Welcome to Prince Prospero’s Castellated Abbey!

Rotcast is on location and we will be spending the night. We’ve agreed that the iron gates will be welded closed after we enter, for security reasons. Are you worried yet? It’s a Halloween episode!


Episode List for Rotcast Series 3

EP: 21 Tenement
EP: 22 House Nice
EP: 23 Bucking Nuts
EP: 24 Rara Avis
EP: 25 Oh My Brothers
EP: 26 They Shoot Horses in Technicolor
EP: 27 Mortuary Hostess with no Visible Panty Line
EP: 28 Snakes and Ladders
EP: 29 The Modern Prometheus
EP: 30 Rose Red and Snow White

Rotcast #20: The Devil is in the Details

Yes. The name of this episode is The Devil is in the Details I named it first, and then saw the movie Hanna. I thought that was serendipity. if you were going to do a show and wanted to find references to the devil on TV and in movies, you might be surprised how often it happens. Mostly these are from sayings that have been passed down as proverbs. “Speak of the the devil” is one which is shortened from “Speak of the devil and he appears.” Which is obviously a joke. Because if you believed a demon would show up, why would you make a saying like that? The act of warning someone about evil you bring on the evil. No one will thank you for that kind of warning. Thanks for speaking of the devil again…ass hat.

We will not be talking about the Devil much so don’t worry. But we might get into some details.

We review Casillero del Diablo a Carmenere from Chile. It has a great website:


Rotcast #21: Tenements

There are more hints if you listen!

Rotcast #21: Tenements

Rotcast Episode 21: Tenements

This is the first show in series 3. Each show is about a different book that became a movie. I’ve been reading the books to compare with the films. These shows are extended quizzes. See if you can figure out the mystery book/movie. We’ve supplied hints throughout the shows. For example the album art for this episode is a hint. (There are more hints if you listen!)

We’ve added these features to the show: Statements of the Obvious and Phoney Commercials. Of course there is still a big old wine review in the middle. Maybe you were part of it. Enjoy.


Rotcast #22: House Nice

Thanks to Julie Robitaille for granting permission to use her painting.

In this show we discuss famous fictional dwellings. We review Widow’s Walk Merlot wine and of course there is a mystery book/movie.Enjoy.